Hi !I've been tweeting to pay. Then redirected to an inexistant file in Dropbox. I need the PSD grid template for Bootstrap. Thank you for providing me the new url to the source. Ciao ;-)

All fixed - go ahead and download it

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Twitter Brand Profile Page PSD Template

Twitter have recently released twitter brand profile pages which allow brands to put an image in the header of their twitter brand page, it slightly changes the twitter layout but not majorly.  So to help create your clients twitter brand profile pages here is a photoshop template where you can switch out assets for clients logos and customise the twitter brand profile header image.

Download the Twitter Brand Profile Page Template PSD

Bootstrap Grid Templates

For those you that are designing sites with Bootstrap here is a set of grids in photoshop and illustrator based on the bootstrap scaffolding, these are the default responsive grids available on the bootstrap site. You can use these grids in illustrator and photoshop to set out the guides before you start designing. 

Download the Bootstrap Scaffolding grids

Slider UI Kit

Here a simple UI Kit PSD for some sliders. I might even make some more elements and add them later.  

Download the kit here 

Thanks for stalking me

  • Just wanted to thank everyone for the comments, and for all the follows on tumblr and twitter @PSDwrangler. More PSDs coming soon

Personal Facebook Timeline PSD Template

I’ve had a few emails requesting a version of the Personal Account of Facebook Timeline, so here it is. This PSD will complement some of the elements from the Brand Timeline PSD that I released a few weeks ago so you should be able to use them together, this version has the new sized Profile image which facebook will be updating in the next few weeks to 160px x 160px. 

Again all comments welcome.

Download the Facebook Personal Timeline on this link 

Twitter Bootstrap v2 PSD template

I’ve wanted to design a site that uses twitters bootstrap for a few months now, so… as i result i’ve created a PSD template for the Bootstrap Components and Base CSS so these could be used in the design stage. The links below are replicas of the components and base css pages on the twitter bootstrap site.

The PSDs are free and please comment/suggest any additions that you might need.

These PSDs may only be used for mocking up page designs, and should not be used in a theme to sell or used to build a web site. These are tools for designers that are using the bootstrap framework and need to mockup designers in photoshop and nothing else.

Download the Bootstrap Components PSD on this link 

Download the Bootstrap Base CSS PSD on this link 

Facebook PSD template for Apps/Maps/Likes/Photos and Video pages 

Hello designer peeps, this week i’ve put together a PSD template so that we can easily mock up pages for what used to be the old facebook tabs. The PSD includes a fully editable template for the new Facebook timeline apps, maps, Likes, Photo/video albums and contact pages. Please comment and share with others.

To download the Facebook App PSD Template for free click the pay with a tweet button

Also i’d just like to thank webdesignshock for featuring my template earlier in the week, cheers guys.

Facebook news feed PSD template

For any of you designers that want to mock up any designs in the Facebook news feed heres a handy little PSD that will make it easier to do such a thing.

The PSD is Fully editable and customisable and I’ve included as many examples of posts to Facebook as possible. If you find that there’s something missing that you would find useful please comment and try to add it in.

To download the Facebook News Feed PSD click the link below

Facebook timeline PSD template

After recreating page after page of the Facebook site over and over again I thought it was about time that I should bite the bullet and make a Facebook template that i could re-use and make my life that little bit easier. This Photoshop template makes it easy to mockup a Facebook timeline for a brand in half the time (hopefully).

The Facebook timeline PSD is Fully editable so you can make the most of the space in the profile and cover image, you can also edit all of the posts in the timeline to make the content relevant to the page. So say goodbye to screen grabbing Facebook, Well… maybe not altogether, but hopefully you’ll be doing a little less of it now.

If there is anything that i’ve missed or that you would like to see in the template drop me a message by clicking ‘Ask me anything’ at the top of the page and I’ll try my best to add it in.

I’ll be adding a Facebook News Feed PSD very soon so watch this space and follow me on twitter and i’ll let you know when its ready.  

These PSDs may only be used for mocking up page designs, and should not be used in a theme to sell or used to build a web site. These are tools for designers, nothing else.  

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Download the Facebook Timeline PSD by clicking the button below